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About Us

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Raya which is an international center where professionals and artists gathered for the primary purpose of solving cities’ problems was established in 2010.  This non-governmental organization started its mission officially in 2011.
First and foremost, we aim to cooperate with Iranian experts to make plans and implement them in the field of Urbanization and Architecture for a better future of our cities.
Raya endeavors to achieve its goal of “developing better cities”, and in the course of this, it would welcome any assistance or suggestions from the experts in these fields with open arms.
We should bear in mind that the people who we work with in Raya now, are all among the best administrators, college professors and researchers in the field of Urbanization and Architecture from all over the world.Raya works in close cooperation with some universities, international research centers, non-governmental organizations as well as administrative organizations, especially municipalities

Raya is now enjoying an excellent reputation for being one of the well-known scientific research centers in Urbanization and Architecture among Asian university students and  that is the reason why it is making efforts  to celebrate “The World Day of Architecture”-the 1st Monday of October- in these countries.
The main and major headquarters of this center is situated in Mashhad, Iran.
Mashhad is the second largest city in Iran and one of the holy cities for the Shia. It is located 850 kilometers (530 mi) east of Tehran (The Capital), in the center of Khorasan Razavi province, close to the borders between Iran and Afghanistan, and Iran and Turkmenistan. It had a population of 2,427,316 in 2006 census.


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The second Architourism Confrence on “city and tourism” in the presence of some leading architects and renowned experts  in urbanism and tourism from all over the world will be held on May 29 & 30,2014.

Monthly Introduction

Jim Lasko
Jim Lasko

Jim Lasko has served as Artistic Director of Redmoon for over 20 years, having shared the title twice, first with Blair Thomas and currently with Frank Maugeri.

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Sergio Sebastián Franco
Sergio Sebastián Franco

Architect since 2002 E.T.S.A. Madrid (Spain) Associate Lecturer of Architectonical Projects at Saragossa University 2009- 2014

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